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New Driver’s License Option: Next of Kin Notification

Next of Kin Notification

If you live in Ohio, then you may have noticed a new option the last time you renewed your Driver’s License: Next of Kin.
One of the difficulties emergency personnel face is how to locate next of kin for a victim who is unconscious, dead or otherwise unable to answer questions. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles now offers you the opportunity to voluntarily provide emergency contact information. This way, in the event that you are ever in an accident that renders you unable to provide this information, the law enforcement officers already have your emergency contacts on file.

If you haven’t yet given this information, all you need is your Ohio Driver’s License or State ID.   Go to,
select Next of Kin in the gray box on the left, to enter the two people you would like to be notified if you are injured and unable to speak. Your emergency contact information is very secure and can only be accessed by authorized law enforcement personnel.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your family or close friends have this information updated as well if you are the one who needs to be contacted in case of their emergency. It’s a small step that only takes a moment, but could end up saving your life or the
life of someone you love.

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By Christina Povenmire