CMP has joined rebel Financial!

We are excited to announce as of April 1st, 2022, that CMP Financial Planning (CMP) has merged with rebel Financial (rF)! 
While CMP has grown substantially over the past 20 years, we don't feel growth has been sufficient to ensure that CMP would be self-sustaining upon retirement in the distant future. Merging with rF ensures ongoing and extended services for our current clients by providing financial services through the scope of a local firm that shares CMP's values. 

-Christina Povenmire, CMP Founder

Get to know rebel Financial

rF was founded in 2013 by W. Phil Ratcliff to be a social enterprise that represents the best interest of its stakeholders. His "rebellution" message is about staying away from traditional Wall Street strategies which put profit before people, which is why rF's motto is People before profit. 

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rebel Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor that provides retirement planning, estate planning, financial planning, and investment management services to individual and institutional clients. To get a more detailed description of the company, its management, and practices, view our (form ADV, Part2A) and Disclosures.
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