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Economic Updates and Outlooks

Market Overview: Vaccines, Growth and Your Investments

- Jun 03, 2021

Information through May 28, 2021 Markets continue their upward climb, albeit more slowly in the second quarter compared to the first. Optimism about vaccines and the ending of the pandemic and the US economy continues to fuel the stock market’s rise. Although the virus is a long way from being contained globally, restrictions are quickly…

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Market Overview through February 2021

- Mar 17, 2021

Markets continue to set new records despite the fact that the world has a long way to dig out from the pandemic. Investors seem oblivious and are buying stocks like GameStop, Tesla, and Bitcoin, sending these equities into the stratosphere. This is often typical market activity late in the business cycle. When will this market euphoria end?  It…

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Economic and Investment Update: 4th Quarter 2020

- Dec 23, 2020

Information as of November 30, 2020 As we are about to enter a long winter of often grey skies, frigid temperatures (at least for most of us!!) and relative isolation, it is important to remember how far we have come in a few short months. Our recent economic and investment update includes: •           The beginning…

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Economic and Investment Update: 3rd Quarter 2020

- Sep 18, 2020

Information as of August 27, 2020 In our last economic and investment update newsletter we expressed surprise about the stock market’s climb, and here we are with the S&P Index at record highs (Is there such a thing as “bewilderment fatigue”?). And, compared to the beginning of the summer, it has become apparent that the recovery…

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Special Bulletin Regarding the Stock Market

- Jan 01, 2019

While the Christmas holidays may provide us with many reasons for celebration, the precipitous volatility and decline of the stock market indexes is certainly not one of them. A typical 60/40 portfolio was down nearly 10% for the year as of Christmas, with much of that decrease occurring in December alone.  So please be forewarned that unless…

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August Economic Update

- Oct 02, 2017

The economy, unlike our political situation, keeps on chugging along, growing at an annual 2% clip.  Unemployment at 4.3% is at a 16 year low.  The positive stream of earning reports and economic news continues to support the stock market. The 2nd quarter saw US stocks rise by 3% and 8.9% YTD.  International stocks did…

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Quarterly Market/Economic Overview for 2016 Q2

- Jul 28, 2016

In the second quarter, ending June 30, 2016, the stock market roller coaster ride continued–markets fluctuated depending on the news about either oil or China.  Also during this quarter, investors showed greater attention to the slowing economy, interest rates, and finally “Brexit”. Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was a surprise to almost everyone. Because investors hate…

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Economic and Investment Update: Second Quarter 2016

- Jun 15, 2016

Economic and Investment Update As the second quarter draws to a close, many stock categories are showing gains for the year, while all bond categories are up.  Large and small value stocks returned 3.5% to 5.5% and have outperformed growth stocks, which have small losses for the year. US stocks have outperformed foreign stocks; most foreign…

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Economic and Investment Update: First Quarter 2016

- Mar 16, 2016

Economic and Investment Update: First Quarter 2016 It doesn’t take a sophisticated investor to know that this past quarter has been a roller coaster ride for the stock market. US stocks are down a bit over 4% over the past 3 months (6% over the past year), but this is up from their 3-month low…

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Q4 Economic and Investment Update

- Dec 10, 2015

Q4 Economic and Investment Update According to John Waggoner, a market observer and contributing writer for, there were three major financial stories for 2015.  First, there has been the tumbling price of oil, due to the enormous production by the US and Saudi Arabia at the same time that slowdowns in Europe and emerging…

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Q3 Economic and Investment Update  

- Sep 10, 2015

Q3 Economic and Investment Update This column is not much fun to write when the markets are volatile, and it feels like we are giving back all of the gains we experienced earlier this year! The good news is that US economic indicators aren’t showing signs of an imminent economic downturn. Looking at the returns…

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