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CMP Financial and Coping with COVID-19

- Sep 24, 2020

How Christina is coping with COVID-19 As some of you have heard by now I have been coping with COVID-19. In early July I was exposed to someone whose roommate had contracted COVID-19, and when I consequently took the test, I was dismayed that I tested positive. Fortunately, I suffered only mild symptoms and recovered fairly quickly….

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Managing Your Digital Estate

- May 18, 2019

MBy Barry Jamieson, CFP®, MAThe best place to get started with taking care of your digital estate is by listing all of your accounts with your passwords, web addresses, etc., and creating a master file containing this information. Next you will want to store this file safely online. Services such as “Last Pass” and “Tru Key”…

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Think Before You Tip!

- Jun 25, 2016

Think Before You Tip! Our society is becoming increasing mobile not just physically but financially. We love the convenience of paying for goods and services by swiping our credit card through a vendor’s card reader or through our phones.   Increasingly, when we go out to eat at our favorite restaurant, these mobile device applications will…

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Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

- Sep 10, 2015

Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life Who doesn’t want to simplify their life, particularly when it comes to their finances?   Consolidating and automating your financial chores can make sense because it reduces the time spent organizing and tracking financial records. Below are some tips to simplify your finances: Collapse the number of accounts you are…

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New Driver’s License Option: Next of Kin Notification

- Jun 05, 2012

Next of Kin Notification If you live in Ohio, then you may have noticed a new option the last time you renewed your Driver’s License: Next of Kin. One of the difficulties emergency personnel face is how to locate next of kin for a victim who is unconscious, dead or otherwise unable to answer questions….

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