CMP Financial Planning

What We Do

CMP Financial Planning is a Columbus, Ohio based fee-only firm that specializes in financial planning, investment management, and retirement planning to help clients build, manage, grow and protect their assets through life’s transitions.

We provide financial planning that puts you in charge of your financial life, giving you a game plan for your family’s wealth.

Financial Planning

Since 2002, we’ve provided comprehensive financial planning for our clients. Our goal is to help our clients to become financially empowered to live out their visions. To us, financial planning involves working together. We start by listening and discovering what’s important to you, so we understand your dreams and your situation and can then help create a realistic pathway to realizing your dreams. We think of it as creating and executing a game plan for your life.

During the planning process we will discuss your goals and all aspects of your financial life, such as your retirement, business planning, college planning, special-needs family members,  charitable giving, investment accounts, insurance, estate planning, taxes and more.

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Investment Management

Our investment management is designed to support the financial plans we create for you.  Our investment philosophy has been shaped by decades of academic research influenced by Nobel Laureates that has identified factors believed to lead to higher expected returns over time. Our investment philosophy translates evidence-based, academic research into practical investment solutions for our clients. Academic research resonates with CMP. Our recommendations and activities reflect academic research from educational institutions, rather than profit-driven Wall Street firms.

To this end, we build portfolios using a disciplined structure, focusing on identifiable factors that we believe, over time, will lead to better investment performance. We incorporate rigorous research into the design, management and implementation of our clients’ portfolios. We use a combination of investments that build portfolios that target higher expected returns in a cost-effective manner.

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Healthy Retirement

We design plans to help you reach a secure and financially healthy retirement. We believe that thoughtful financial planning can help you enjoy a more active life in your senior years, letting you stay engaged longer with your family and communities. Financial planning helps you better manage and control health care costs, remain independent longer, and ultimately pass resources and opportunities onto your heirs. By planning ahead, we can ensure you have the financial means to live out your dreams.

In planning for your retirement, we analyze your pension and retirement accounts, run projections, and establish efficient retirement plan distributions to fund your spending needs over a long period.

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