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Creating a Special Needs Financial Plan

- Oct 29, 2018

Creating a special needs financial plan involves putting together two plans: one for the parent and one for the child with a disability. Because the combined financial plans take into account the needs and goals of both the parents and the adult child with a disability there is additional complexity in producing an overall projection…

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Creating a Letter of Intent

- May 14, 2018

By Barry Jamieson, CFP®, MA There are many dimensions to a family’s special needs plan. Past articles in the Disability Insights series have focused on estate and financial planning topics; however, as families well know, the daily considerations and routines of the child with a disability are also a key component of the special needs…

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“Smile” How the Tax Overhaul Bill Affects Dentists

- Feb 07, 2018

By Christina Povenmire, CFP ®and Barry Jamieson,CFP® Source: William Vasil, CPA, Ary Roepcke Mulchaey, P.C. and ADA News bulletin The recently passed tax bill contains a number of provisions which will help dentists and small businesses save tax dollars. Each of these provisions outlined below are effective for 2018. “ Improving Section 179 Deductions. The…

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Financial Plans Help Dentists Reduce Stress

- Nov 14, 2017

According to our survey of Ohio-based dental practitioners, dentists are stressed about their finances. Consider that of the 42 Ohio-area dentists we surveyed: 47% of dentists working with a financial planner cited being stressed about growing their practice compared to 70% of those who didn’t utilize financial professionals. 38% of dentists who worked with a…

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