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Managing Your Digital Estate

- May 18, 2019

MBy Barry Jamieson, CFP®, MAThe best place to get started with taking care of your digital estate is by listing all of your accounts with your passwords, web addresses, etc., and creating a master file containing this information. Next you will want to store this file safely online. Services such as “Last Pass” and “Tru Key”…

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Equifax Security Breach

- Nov 14, 2017

  by Barry Jamieson, CFP®   Some of you have expressed concern about the Equifax hacking and have asked what precautions should be made in light of this latest security breach.  With this latest breach it should be clear that breaches of this magnitude will continue to be regular occurrences well into the future. While personal security…

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Taking Care of Your “Digital Estate”

- May 04, 2016

Taking Care of Your “Digital Estate” For those of you who have a formal will and estate plan, congratulations!  You are way ahead of most folks in making sure your assets are properly attended to at your decease. But what about your online presence and stuff you store electronically either on your phone, tablet, or…

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Tips to Keep You Safe While Shopping Online

- Jan 23, 2011

Tips to Keep You Safe While Shopping Online by Alissa Griffith If you’re like millions of Americans this holiday season, you may be getting some of your shopping done online. Stay safe while doing so with the following tips: Update! The first thing you want to do is update your browser. Along with other benefits…

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