CMP Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Since 2002, we’ve provided comprehensive financial planning for our clients. Our goal is to help our clients to become financially empowered to live out their visions. To us, financial planning involves working together. We start by listening and discovering what’s important to you, so we understand your dreams and your situation and can then help create a realistic pathway to realizing your dreams. We think of it as creating and executing a game plan for your life.

During the planning process we will discuss your goals and all aspects of your financial life, such as your retirement, business planning, college planning, special-needs family members,  charitable giving, investment accounts, insurance, estate planning, taxes and more. We’ll help you plan for your retirement by running projections, analyzing your pension and retirement accounts, and establishing efficient retirement plan distributions to make your retirement last as long as you need it to.

We help simplify complicated situations, often coordinating with your preferred professionals and recommending other financial professionals including, CPAs, tax and estate attorneys. Often, we’ll reorganize and reposition our clients’ assets to make them work more efficiently for them, taking into account factors such as short- and long-term needs, as well as tax and business planning. We’ll review your financial situation in depth, and analyze and summarize what we’ve discussed before making any recommendations. To make sure you are on track to meet your goals, we’ll meet with you regularly and to revise your plan accordingly as your life circumstances change. We build logical, thoughtful and rational plans, creating a financial framework to support the life you’d like to live. Because life always changes in unexpected ways, and we want you to have a foundation that prepares you for whatever may arise.