CMP Financial Planning

Healthy Retirement

We design plans to help you reach a secure and financially healthy retirement. We believe that thoughtful financial planning can help you enjoy a more active life in your senior years, letting you stay engaged longer with your family and communities. Financial planning helps you better manage and control health care costs, remain independent longer, and ultimately pass resources and opportunities onto your heirs. By planning ahead, we can ensure you have the financial means to live out your dreams.

In planning for your retirement, we analyze your pension and retirement accounts, run projections, and establish efficient retirement plan distributions to fund your spending needs over a long period. We help coordinate your potential healthcare resources, including long-term care insurance, disability and Medicare.

While we believe it’s important to be financially healthy, Christina also takes a personal interest in her clients’ health, wanting them to enjoy the long retirements they’ve worked so hard for, and often sharing books she’s read or conducting workshops on healthy lifestyles. Barry’s background and interest in healthcare policy means you will have access to his specialized knowledge of long-term care, disability, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – a natural complement to Christina’s experience, compassion and personal interest.

We focus on helping clients arrive in retirement with all the resources and information they need to thrive.