Coping with COVID-19 in the office

How Christina is coping with COVID-19

As some of you have heard by now I have been coping with COVID-19. In early July I was exposed to someone whose roommate had contracted COVID-19, and when I consequently took the test, I was dismayed that I tested positive. Fortunately, I suffered only mild symptoms and recovered fairly quickly.

That being said, regaining my previous conditioning took me a little longer than I remember experiencing after recovering from the regular flu. I think that reports of lingering lung and heart damage for even mild cases of this new virus should not be carelessly dismissed. So, it behooves us to be as cautious as possible and follow medical experts’ guidelines!

Since my “suspected” exposure contact, it is still a mystery when or where I was infected. Fortunately, once I was aware of a possible secondary exposure, I immediately started coping with COVID-19. I isolated right away, even though not required by guidelines. How fortunate! Had I waited until I or someone with whom I was in direct contact had a positive test result, I might have exposed quite a few other people. As it turned out, several friends did test as a result of my case—but all tested negative. I must have started isolating just in time! Whew! What a relief! 

I thought I was diligently following social distancing and coronavirus protocols, but I still contracted the disease. When medical experts suggest that we consider everyone around us to be an asymptomatic carrier, I have to concur! At CMP, we are coping with COVID-19 while maintaining standard business practices. We continue to conduct all client as well as new client meetings via Zoom. This seems to be working well and we now have at least one new client with whom we have not met in person! We plan to meet in this manner until conditions are safer. Best of health!

How Barry is coping with COVID-19

Like many of you, I am plenty tired of living with this pandemic! It has been a great relief for me to be able to exercise outdoors this summer.  I have probably done more biking and running (really, jogging!) than I have done in a long time. Instead of simply enjoying the outdoors while I work out, I have somehow become addicted to an app on my smartphone called “Strava”, which measures how fast I am running or biking per workout. I can then faithfully measure my performance against other workouts. 

I get a little adrenaline rush each time I check my phone now! This summer has also been full of cookouts and fresh fruit and vegetables. It will be sad to see this season pass! 

We are here for you. Please contact us any time if you have questions.

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