Special Needs Families

Families with special needs children need vastly different plans than those we offer to more traditional families. This kind of planning requires specialized expertise. Whether your child was recently diagnosed or has been living with special needs for many years, you need a strategy to provide for their lifetime financial security. We have the professional knowledge of the unique situations of families of children with special needs and can provide the support and guidance you’ll need to make complex decisions for your child’s future.

We understand it can be challenging to research and manage the various resources available to you. We can recommend and coordinate with attorneys and estate planning professionals who specialize in this area, and can help you access programs such as disability, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. We work with attorneys who specialize in disability law, estate planning for special needs, as well as with specialized tax advisors.

Working together on a plan, we’ll help ensure your special needs child receives the care they need now and into the future.