CMP Financial Planning



Planning for, transitioning into and managing your assets through retirement all involve carefully planning and accounting for all aspects of your financial situation. As you transition into retirement, you’ll have many complicated decisions to make including how to optimize Social Security benefits, Medicare and medical insurance, pensions and other insurance options. You’ll need to plan for regular income, understand all your sources of income, budget for the life you’d like to live (and can afford), plan for distributions and generate additional income from existing savings and investments.

Proper planning ensures you don’t experience financial surprises and won’t be financially devastated by unexpected circumstances such as the sudden loss of a spouse or an illness. We can help you build an estate plan to provide liquidity for your loved ones, and specialized trusts that can address special needs.

With life spans increasing, many people spend longer in their retirement than they actually spend working. We can help you plan to make your retirement a new and exciting life chapter. We help you plan to have enough assets to do something meaningful to you after you’ve stopped working, and to manage your money to make sure it lasts.

We can help you to simplify these complex decisions so you are financially prepared for life changes and can enjoy a healthy and lengthy retirement.