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Your Health in Retirement: How To Live To Be 100!

Your Health in Retirement: How To Live To Be 100!

by Alissa Henry

If you’re hoping to celebrate your 100th birthday someday, you’re in luck! According to the latest Census Bureau data, a growing number of Americans are living to see their centenarian birthday.

Brian O’Connell, writing for the digital financial media company “The Street” reported that only 20% of longevity is tied to genetics yet a whopping 80% is based on “lifestyle” choices. So, how can you live to be 100 and beyond? Amelia House, a senior living provider based in Iowa gave him a few tips:

• Socialize. 80% of Americans over 100 talk to a family member or friend every day.
• Eat well. 75% of centenarians eat a daily diet full of nutritionally balanced meals, and another 32% rely on organic food as a mainstay.
• Get plenty of sleep. 75% of 100-year-olds get at least eight hours of sleep every night.
• Laugh. 72% of 100-year-olds laugh every day – a lot.
• Be at peace. 62% of centenarians pray or meditate every day.
• Volunteer. 17% do charity work on a regular basis.
• Make like a teenager. 12% of 100-year-olds listen to music on an iPod. Another 11% watch YouTube, and 8% text friends & family.

It’s never too late to adopt at least some of these habits to increase your chances of joining the elite centenarian group! And just think, if you retire at 65 and make it to the century mark, that means you’ll have at least 35 full years to live out all of your post-retirement dreams.